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Jesus: For Such a Time as This!

Join a wonderful body of believers from all walks of life in an ad-free, drama-free, toxic-free environment with live interactive church services and refreshing Spirit filled devotionals posted daily. Refreshing Hope is a safe haven where the Spirit of God flows freely.

* A completely ad-free experience, and toxic free environment.

* Explore hundreds of inspiring Spirit-filled devotionals with new ones posted daily.

* Participate in live interactive church services with intimate ministry time online.

* Join small groups with others to discuss similar interests.

* Share your prayer requests and our prayer team will pray over them with you.

* Listen to newly written and recorded faith-building music.

* Take in depth Bible studies with accompanying quizzes.

* Watch faith-enriching videos.

* Join corporate fasts and encourage others to hang on another day.

* An online church for those who need one.

Comments by others:

  • I had no idea how God would use you to speak to my heart, and the hearts of my daughter, father and loved ones. My daughter started college a year ago and the first year was very difficult for her. She told me often how timely your messages were. My mother passed into His arms on May 2, 2013 and my dad has been touched and comforted by what you've shared. To be God's messenger is an enormous responsibility but you have been an incredible instrument in His orchestra. I will always be in awe how a man I've never met or known could touch my life and the lives of those I love!

  • Your daily writings are so valuable to me. The inspire hope and encouragement and The LORD has been literally speaking clear and directly to me through your daily writings1 EVERYTHING that you write daily....EVERYTHING.....IS WORD FOR WORD what I am needing to hear for the day and exactly what I'm going through or has to do with what I just read in The Holy Bible that day, or is pretty much what someone said to me, etc.

  • Thanks you for these daily affirmations. The word is wonderful, everyday.